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The educational offerings at Diva de Luxe are incomparable. Your instructor, Imani, is an extremely passionate, driven, and well-versed pillar in the beauty community. She takes pride in each course that is offered at our luxury training center. Having experience training over 500 individuals across the United States, attending numerous training courses, and staying up-to-date with industry changes and trends she ensures that each course is better than the last no matter the topic.


Courses Offered

Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions

Learn multiple techniques of applying eyelash extensions, including Classic, Hybrid, Volume, and Mega Volume.

Natural Beauty


Learn how to physically remove the top layer of the client’s skin exposing smooth and refreshed skin and enhancing the client’s appearance, using a scalpel.

Eyebrow Treatment




Learn to create and remove semi-permanent tattoos that create hair like strokes that enhance a client's natural facial anatomy.

Plus Size Models

Body Contouring

Learn a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that can help to eliminate fat, shape areas of the body, and tighten skin.



Learn the art of facials, waxing, body treatments, and makeup application.

Female white toothy smile

Teeth Whitening

Learn to remove stains from the enamel of client's skin and help them to achieve a brighter smile.



Learn how to renew and improve clients skin appearance by exfoliating using fine crystals to remove the top layer of skin.


chemical peels (Adv.)

Learn how to resurface and transform client's skin using different chemical treatments and peels.

Before and After

Brow Tinting

Learn to apply semi-permanent dye to enhance your clients’ natural brows.

Makeup Brushes

Diva de Luxe takes pride in creating opportunities for our community and ensuring
that students start their businesses off the right way. Each business success client's
mentorship program is tailored specifically to their business. Topics can include
and are not only limited to: business entity formation, obtaining business credit,
permits and licensing information, other training opportunities, etc.


Aesthetics is the study of art and beauty. An Aesthetician is a skincare professional that focuses on bringing out the beauty of your skin.


Students will receive instruction by way of incorporating visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and reading/writing learning styles into the curriculum. Students will learn various techniques, tips, and tricks to help them during their aesthetic journey. Students will learn the foundational techniques of cleansing, toning, and revitalizing clients’ skin. With a working knowledge of these various techniques, students will be able to perform facials, waxing, body treatments, and makeup application techniques that will allow them to meet the needs of every prospective client in their future careers as licensed aestheticians.


Our full-time 500-clock-hour course runs for 16 weeks and requires a minimum of 32 instruction hours per week. Our part-time 500-clock-hour course runs for 30 weeks at 16-17.5 instruction hours per week. (An accelerated 450-clock-hour course is also available.)


Enroll in one of our many sought-after eyelash courses. Beginner Artists can
choose between classic, and volume, or even select one of our in-depth
combination courses to learn all Eyelash extension application techniques. An
advanced artist can brush up on foundational skills with a refresher course or level
up their lash game with one of our mini-courses tailored specifically to lash
troubleshooting issues. Students are also able to learn how to tint natural eyelashes
and how to give the lashes a lift.



Courses in Wisconsin are Open and offered weekly in group and private training options.

Courses in Arizona are offered bi-monthly. If you are interested in a specific date that is Open on the scheduling site, please contact Imani to book!



Kailynn R.

Took the eyelash extension training course and I had an amazing experience. Imani is such a great teacher and made me feel very comfortable. She also was great at helping me figure everything out (due to all of the info that is given). This course is worth every penny. Very clean and professional environment. Thank you!


Kendra R.

Attended an Lash class with Imani today and let me tell you, it was EVERYTHING!! It was a lot of information to consume but it was totally worth every single bit. She was very professional, very informative, and made me feel very comfortable the whole time I was with her. I left the class excited to start the journey of being a lash tech. Thank you so much Imani for taking the time out of your day today to teach me! I'll be sure to make you proud!


Tanya B.

IMANI WAS GREAT!!!’ She is a great instructor I am a software trainer I train classes as many as 30 individuals at a time. Therefore, during my training with Imani, I knew she was a great instructor, training is what I have done for over Eight years. The hands on one on one training has given me confidence. I started practicing the next day, I have been practicing since. I am now confident enough to even start Lashing on family members. I would recommend her to anyone. I am a very honest and direct person I would never post a review with lies. She is great give her a try!

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