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Educate. Empower.Enhance.

Diva De Luxe...

Diva de Luxe Salon Suites and Training Center strives to offer a superior experience to all individuals;

whether you have enrolled in one of our many beauty or business training

courses, stop in for a beauty service, or make a purchase from our store,

it is our mission to enhance you!




Imani , the owner of Diva de Luxe Salon Suites and Training Center, is extremely detail oriented, patient, and efficient! I took her eyelash extension & entrepreneurship class and I have learned more from her in a few weeks than I have in the last couple years of learning on my own.! She truly cares about her students , clients & her business! She thoroughly explains any questions you have for her & she will break down her explanations from verbally commutating to writing it down to even creating an actual visual for you to make sure you fully understand whatever she is telling you about.
Honestly, she is the best instructor that I’ve ever had because you can tell that she wants her students to succeed & she naturally motivates you to want to do your best!
From products, to services to instructing/educating, I give Imani an all around A+ !!!! Trust me , if you want to learn from a seasoned, quality & patient professional then I HIGHLY recommend her!



Loved Imani is a very professional and educated lady. I did the eyelash extension training. I had no idea how much there is to lashing. And she did an awesome job. She most definitely knows her stuff that’s for sure. I feel I learned a lot and didn’t feel rushed. Always made sure to keep asking if I had any questions concerns etc. I definitely recommend her. And in the future if I decide to further my career it will be with Diva De Luxe. Thank u again Imani



I recently had the opportunity to take Imani's 4 week lash and entrepreneur class and it was nothing short of amazing. Imani has great customer service and professionalism.

The training was absolutely amazing and worth every penny spent. Throughout the 4 weeks you have hands on training in classic and volume lash extensions. Imani made safety and sanitation her first priority when teaching. Not only did we learn different techniques , we also hand Imani with us everyday working closely to make sure we had everything down packed. She was very thorough and knowledgeable. Her kits are packed with everything you need to get started .

The entrepreneur part of Imani's course was great as well. We literally built our business together step by step. From finding our business names, to getting our business registered, to creating logos, business cards, websites , marketing and so much more. By the time you finish this class you will be a business owner. You are leaving this course with confidence and so much more. This was the best class I took !


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