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Diva "L" Curve Volume Tweezers


Eyelash extension tweezers are one of the most important lash extension supplies for lash technicians. Our non-slip, anti-corrosive, strong and sleek volume tweezers are ideal for mulitple pick-up techniques. Lash artisits are able to use these volume tweezers for any type of fan application, whether it be handmade, promade, or premade volume fans. This tweezers alternativley, can be used as a curved isolation tweezers for eyelash extension services. They feature a 65 degree opening angle and the arms extend out to provide adequate spacing to postion your hand and manitain a steady grip on the tweezers. These tweezers have a light-weight and low-tension structure that works to eliminate excess fatigue for the technician’s hand. These eyelash extension tweezers have been developed with corrosion-resistant anti-magnetic Japanese stainless steel. This type of steel aids in avoiding any unneccessary complications during eyelash extension services. 


These volume tweezers come with a gold finish which is non-tarnishable and rust-resistant. This finish ensures a shiny surface for many years to come! All tweezers will arrive in a protective sleeve with the precision tips capped. 

Diva "L" Curve Volume Tweezers


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